What Now?

With the election behind us, we can all take a deep breath and expect stability now, right? Well, it would be an understatement at the very least to say “maybe not.” As expected, the Corona virus is surging again, we’re still arguing about whether people should be wearing masks during a global pandemic, the economy is preparing for more lockdowns, and the current president has not conceded to the president elect. It’s going to be a long couple of months, for sure.

So what does that mean for business? What do you do now? The answer is to hone in on your value proposition and publish the appropriate content. The more you’re out there and visible to your target audience, the better your chances of staying front-of-mind. Businesses, like yours, are looking for ways to stay busy and profitable through these next few months. They need your help, and you need to effectively communicate that to them through your content.

So does this mean simply repeating the same message every chance you get? No, just like your products and services, your content must have a value proposition for the recipient. Offer  interesting and useful prospectives to solving their problems and growing their business. I guarantee you that as the weeks move on, people will have less patience for empty blogs and empty messaging. Make your content attractive and substantive.

So how do you add value proposition to your content? One way is by being different than others. Since one-to-one meetings are still a rarity these days, be creative with your virtual networking. In an environment of jacket and tie wearing monotone talking heads, be more casual, real, more human. And go easy on the sales rhetoric. Someone who sounds like an aggressive sales person comes off as serving their own needs. Instead, speak to your audience’s needs and their success. .

Mix it up. There are several ways to reach your audience; email, newsletters, website videos, podcasts, articles, advertising, social media, press releases, etc. Why choose one? Figure out the different places your audience is, and push your content through the appropriate channels. It is no longer cost prohibitive to have a multi-pronged approach.

Hire a pro. When it comes to written content, video, and audio –  you want the quality of your work to be reflected by the quality of your messaging. Mediocre content hurts your image and damages your value proposition.

So while many businesses will spin in circles during the next few months, make this the time your business makes definitive and  proactive moves. In an environment of instability and fear, businesses who look strong and confident will have great appeal.  And that means success. Stay well. friends.