Content is King

But is the Kingdom Changing?

It’s Spring! The trees have started to bud, flowers are popping up everywhere, and some businesses are starting to re-open after the COVID-19 shutdown. But hold on, people - it’s going to be a long, gradual transition. During this process, your business needs to stay visible. The best way to do that is by publishing content on a regular basis. 

You might be thinking “we have a website” or “what about social media?” Those are delivery channels. Content is what fills those channels. That’s where the magic is. Effective content needs to accomplish a few things; it should be interesting, informative, entertaining, consistent with your brand, and elicit a result and/or a desired behavior. Whether you want to educate, generate additional interest, or trigger a phone call, your content needs to be relevant and important to your target audience. If you can speak to a particular problem, need, or desire  . . . and present a solution . . . that’s even better! During these times, content can also let your target audience know your business is still alive and well.  This is particularly important since some businesses will not survive the COVID-19 crisis. So, content is king . . . but that kingdom has changed, and it will continue to evolve throughout the transition.

We all understand what the challenges are. Since the beginning of COVID-19, there have been less people engaging in traditional commerce, with fewer dollars being spent, and a remaining nervousness regarding the immediate future. The focus is still on health risks and a declining economy. This has affected nearly every business out there. But there are important trends happening. Consumers and businesses are engaging in new behaviors; curb-side pickups, increased on-line workflows, virtual meetings, e-learning, etc. And, they are online more than ever. You need to understand the problems, needs, and trends happening in your industry and with your target audiences right now. That will be key to knowing what content you need to deliver - and how.

Digital content takes many forms; articles, blogs, audio podcasts, webinars, and last, but not least, video. Our target audiences rely on video every day - especially now. Whether it’s via social media, TV, websites, or video content sites like YouTube and Vimeo, video content benefits from the power of verbal and visual cues, working together to create an effective message. And when properly produced, it also helps to elongate your target audience’s attention - giving you more time to make an impact. So is video the right solution? At this time, and in this environment - I think it provides advantages over other forms of content. And I see that trend continuing.

But a word of caution. Although well authored and produced  content can bolster your image, poor content can damage it. And when it comes to video, just because we all have a video camera in our phone doesn’t make us all content professionals. Producing an effective video requires many steps and disciplines, including setting goals, creating a targeted plan, story-boarding, scripting, establishing cadence, lighting, getting the right shots, and more. Work with a professional who not only understands the creative and technical aspects of video, but also marketing  - since that should be diving your message.  Also, be sure to choose a content partner who is committed to understanding your business and target audience. Remember, even the slickest and best produced content fails if it delivers the wrong message to the right audience, the right message to the wrong audience, and of course, the wrong message to the wrong audience!

So, take this time to understand the challenges and needs your target audiences are facing today. Refine your message and deliver content that will engage and benefit them. If you have any questions about the best way to do just that, feel free to contact me directly. Whether you use P/M or another content producer, I’m happy to offer assistance and guidance.

Stay safe and healthy.