The Artform Formally Known as Prints

Print is dead! Isn’t it? We’ve all heard it hundreds of times. Well, is it? I’m here to say NO. In fact, print will always be a part of the branding and marketing fabric. But what about the internet? Let me ask you this; what would a YouTube “unboxing” be like without the box – fully7 resplendent in print?  Common assertions sometimes have little basis in fact  . . . well, that’s an understatement, isn’t it?

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Video is More Than Just Video

To say we are in the age of video would be a gross understatement. Videos are one of the best tools we have for single-direction communicating. I’m talking about video that is planned, authored, shot, and produced for deployment at a later date. Streaming video and teleconferencing (remember that word?) is a different animal entirely – we’ll discuss that in a future article. So what is it that makes video so engaging and indispensable in today’s business world?  For starters, video is more than just video!

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Why Do Words Matter?

In this crowded environment of media channels, we have to compete with a lot of noise. It’s everywhere you go. Some of it is promotional, some of it is entertainment, and then there’s the 24/7 news cycle that can often seem like both. Social media adds yet another dimension to the noisy landscape. So, how do you slice through it all and motivate your target audience? In the end, it comes down to words.

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The Re-assimilation Transition

In the last two weeks, we’ve seen mask mandates lifted, people getting out more, and businesses attempting to “get back to normal.”   And, more people are getting vaccinated every day. Considering where we’ve been, these are better times indeed. But as entrepreneurs, we need to be cautious of our approach and considerate of those around us – including our clients and other business associates.

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What Now?

With the election behind us, we can all take a deep breath and expect stability now, right? Well, it would be an understatement at the very least to say “maybe not.” As expected, the Corona virus is surging again, we’re still arguing about whether people should be wearing masks during a global pandemic, the economy is preparing for more lockdowns, and the current president has not conceded to the president elect. It’s going to be a long couple of months, for sure.

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The Age of the Short-Term Business Plan

We have entered the age of the short-term business plan. Of course, long-term planning  is still an important aspect of your over-all business strategy and trajectory. However, survival reflexes and immediate reactionary responses have moved front-and-center. Before we can worry about the future, we need a way to get past the present. Right now, it’s all about problem solving.

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The Death of The Blog

I have heard many people give this advice to others; “write a blog, get out there, fill it with keywords, and be more visible.” I’m sure that advice was offered with the best of intentions, but that kind of thinking has led to an onslaught of empty business blogs seemingly targeted to search engine bots instead of a human target audience. Let’s kill those old blogs off, starting now.

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