Album Perspective: Deep Purple’s “Who Do We Think We Are”

I’ve been a Deep Purple fan since the first time I heard Hush in 1968. However, it was the Mk II version of the band that captured by heart and soul. Every member of that band was indispensable, in my opinion, and it was Ritchie Blackmore who would inspire me to pick up the guitar in earnest. Every Mk II album was a discovery of musical excellence and further inspiration into my own musical endeavors. And then it happened . . . a new album! “Who Do We Think We Are” was released and nearly everyone, including the band themselves, dismissed it as a poor offering. Of course, the previous studio release was the near-perfect “Machine Head,” followed by the hugely successful “Made in Japan” live album – tough acts to follow indeed. And, the band was dissolving internally – so it’s now wonder those involved had a tainted perspective. But my friend Chris Parker and I were so excited to the hear the new music, we didn’t care what others were saying. By then, “Woman from Tokyo” was already filling the airwaves and we loved that song.

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