Why Do Words Matter?

In this crowded environment of media channels, we have to compete with a lot of noise. It’s everywhere you go. Some of it is promotional, some of it is entertainment, and then there’s the 24/7 news cycle that can often seem like both. Social media adds yet another dimension to the noisy landscape. So, how do you slice through it all and motivate your target audience? In the end, it comes down to words.

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Reinventing Yourself

We are reluctantly evolving beings. Creatures of habit. But, there comes a time, even with the most stubborn among us, to shift gears and turn the wheel. Sometimes, that new direction feels dramatic and revolutionary – into unfamiliar and uncertain territory. Other times, the change is subtle and feels almost “corrective” – like staying in your lane. And, of course, there are all points in-between.  For me, I felt the need to re-invent myself. Nothing major, just a slight update . . . Mike Pascarella 2.0, if you will. Cool, right? Well, sometimes new versions attempting to fix bugs and introduce features can introduce new bugs – or worse yet – crash the entire system. 

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When is Virtual no longer Virtual?

From Novelty to Usable

Over the past two decades, virtual instruments have evolved. Originally, these instruments were designed as pseudo software versions of pianos, synthesizers, drums, horns, and other traditional instruments. At first, these virtual instruments (VIs) were stand-alone applications with high-latency and high-CPU usage, making them difficult to play and integrate into existing workflows. We could see the future, and it looked promising.  These VIs evolved into plugins that could integrate directly into our Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). And as our lowly computers became more powerful, it became possible to use multiple instances of these VI’s . . . in real-time. The future was here, and it was good.

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The Re-assimilation Transition

In the last two weeks, we’ve seen mask mandates lifted, people getting out more, and businesses attempting to “get back to normal.”   And, more people are getting vaccinated every day. Considering where we’ve been, these are better times indeed. But as entrepreneurs, we need to be cautious of our approach and considerate of those around us – including our clients and other business associates.

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Multitasking and Believing the Lie

What is it about us humans? Can we convince ourselves of just about anything? Let’s look into one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves: “we are great multitaskers!” Before we get going here, let’s define multitasking as more than just walking and chewing gum, or listening to the radio while driving. What I’m talking about here is the attempt at juggling important tasks – each deserving our full attention – and maintaining the fiction that we can do them efficiently and effectively. We can’t. And as a result, all of the tasks in question suffer.

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Leveraging Resources – or Moving Beyond the Confines of Ego

The most successful people I’ve met in the business world seem to share one important quality – the ability to leverage the talents and experiences of others. This applies to businesses of all sizes. But for sole-contributor entrepreneurs and small companies, that quality can sometimes be elusive. I’ve heard many reasons, or excuses for it. The most common being a rather limited resource pool. But is it? What’s the real problem?

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