Video is More Than Just Video

To say we are in the age of video would be a gross understatement. Videos are one of the best tools we have for single-direction communicating. I’m talking about video that is planned, authored, shot, and produced for deployment at a later date. Streaming video and teleconferencing (remember that word?) is a different animal entirely – we’ll discuss that in a future article. So what is it that makes video so engaging and indispensable in today’s business world?  For starters, video is more than just video!

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When is Virtual no longer Virtual?

From Novelty to Usable

Over the past two decades, virtual instruments have evolved. Originally, these instruments were designed as pseudo software versions of pianos, synthesizers, drums, horns, and other traditional instruments. At first, these virtual instruments (VIs) were stand-alone applications with high-latency and high-CPU usage, making them difficult to play and integrate into existing workflows. We could see the future, and it looked promising.  These VIs evolved into plugins that could integrate directly into our Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). And as our lowly computers became more powerful, it became possible to use multiple instances of these VI’s . . . in real-time. The future was here, and it was good.

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Producing Voiceovers – You’re Coming in Loud and Clear

Let’s establish at least one thing from the get-go; if you’ve decided to go through the trouble of producing a voiceover – the spoken message is very important to you. So the best quality possible is a given. There’s a lot that goes into creating a voiceover, including understanding your target audience’s needs, crafting the right message, hiring the right talent, and making good production decisions. For the purpose of this article, I’ll be mostly discussing recording and production.

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The Art of Audio Mastering

These are exciting times for those of us with project studios. The tools at our disposal are simply astonishing – powerful DAWs, virtual instruments, and just about any audio processing effect you can imagine. Not too many years ago, maintaining a collection of your dream gear required patience, a small fortune, and a large warehouse. Today, it all fits in your computer. Having access to so many of these tools allows project studios the ability control all aspects of the recording and production process, including tracking, mixing, and mastering. Today, let’s focus a bit on audio mastering.

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