New Article - The Re-assimilation Transition

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New Article - Intellectual Trajectory or Just Momentum?

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New Article - Leveraging Resources – or Moving Beyond the Confines of Ego

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New Article - Are Podcasts Retro?

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Announcing P/M's Featured Guest Videos! Featured Guest Videos are short virtual interviews that help keep your business visible and deliver messaging to your target audience. Perfect for social media, websites, or to integrate into ads and other videos. For more information, call 508-450-9641.


New Article - What Now?

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For the second installment of The Coversation Series, I had the honor of interviewing the amazing multi-instrumentalist and composer Lisa Bella Donna. We discussed a myriad of topics, including inspiration, musical gear, and connecting with audiences. Watch the interview in its entirety on our YouTube channel.


New Article - The Age of the Short-Term Business Plan

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New Article - The Death of the Blog

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New Article - Under the Spell of Overtime

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In my recent interview with broadcasting legend Jordan Rich, we discuss a changing world, new challenges for business, and how some things are the same as they've always been. Watch the interview in its entirety on our YouTube channel.


New Article - Producing Voiceovers – You’re Coming in Loud and Clear

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New Article - Overdrive – The Low-down on Low-end

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New Article - The Art of Audio Mastering

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New Article - Who Are You Talking To?

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New Article - A Call to Action

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P/M's Business Re-Emergence Plan helps your business go bright despite the dark days of COVID-19.

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Have a safe and healthy Memorial Day as we remember those who have passed on, but forever remain in our hearts.


New Article - Content is King - But is the Kingdom Changing?

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New Article - Expanding Your Marketing Vision - Seeing the forest from the trees depends on where you’re standing.

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Happy Mother's Day to all of the loving mothers out there! You make the world a better place!


Exciting news! The new Steve Schuster album "Unassembled Man" has been mastered at Abbey Road Studios and is nearing release. It was recorded at the P/M studio with Mike Pascarella playing most of the instruments and singing backup vocals. But Steve's songwriting, poetry, and lead vocals are the strength of the album, and he's better than ever! Be sure to grab it as soon as it's available.

Follow Steve on Facebook for updates and more information.


As part of our commitment to the business community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, P/M will be offering free webinars and other resources to help business get through these difficult times. Staying visible and re-focusing your message to the changing needs of your target audience will among the topics discussed. Stay tuned for date and time announcements. As always, we wish good health to you all.

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