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  Radio and Podcast personality Jordan Rich is partnering with Pascarella Multimedia on a new project - including a series of videos. Very exciting stuff . . . stay tuned!

  Pascarella Multimedia is proud to be a post-production partner for Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and their Harvard on China podcast. The program consists of interviews conducted by James Gethyn Evans and features guests who are prominent authors and scholars on the topic of China.

Harvard on China Podcast

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The Art of Conviction and Confidence

  Tapping into creative waters can be difficult enough. We’re often trying to extract music, prose, photography, etc. from what sometimes feels like a muddy, or even dry, stream. So it’s a brilliant feat of magic when we can see our inspirations and artistic ideas come to fruition. But what happens next can determine whether we create art, or turn away from it.

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